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We are constantly looking for people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and motivated by edventure’s mission of building start-ups. We have roles available in the following areas:

UK Branch management
Programme management
Marketing and PR
Growth & Expansion
Recruitment and HR
Sales & Sponsorships

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As a part of edventure, you will be part of an amazing team of ambitious student who have demonstrated a track record of outstanding achievements. As such, you will work with inspiring students in a fast paced environment allowing you to gain a multitude of important skills. Our organisational flexibility allows lateral motion between departments and so that team members end up working on what interests them the most. Additionally, we are not fans of rigid hierarchical structures and, therefore, rapidly advance team members with an outsized impact. Finally, you will be able to interact and network with CEOs, founders, investors and a multitude of inspirational people who come to speak at edventure.

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